Mitch & Lana Larrivee


Mitch & Lana Larrivee


Mitch & Lana Larrivee


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We live to serve you. What ever it is we can help you achieve, we’re here for you start to finish.

We’re here to provide real estate services that’s above-the-cut. Our goal is always to get you the best price if you’re selling or find the perfect home if you’re buying.

Core Attributes

Dedication To Our Clients

Hard Work Ethic

Localized Market Knowledge




Sell Your House

We do what most agents don’t when it comes to selling. From door knocking your neighborhood to buying ads online, we bring expert selling practices. Do you want a real estate agent who sells or a list-and-forget?

Find Your Dream Home

It takes a keen eye to find a dream home and it takes expert knowledge to find a great deal. We go the extra mile in guiding you through the process, not just here to unlock a door for you.

Perfect Vacation Home or Condo

From Vacation Homes to Beach Condos we’re here with the skill and knowledge to help you sell at the right price or find the perfect place for your vacations to come.



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